Nipping laziness in the bud

The rhythm and routine of my daily food and exercise plan has really gelled for me over the last few months. I’ve got a system right now that completely works. Example: Over the weekend I indulged. I knew I was going to, I enjoyed the heck out of it while I was doing it, and I hoped that my routine would absorb the damage over the course of this week. As of today, the few pounds that my body bounced up from the weekend are gone. I’m delighted.

This is despite only exercising once, on Tuesday, so far this week. This is not actually a good thing, because it reinforces my laziness. “Hey,” my mind says, “I dropped those pounds without barely even trying to exercise – 30 minutes over the last 4 days. I don’t need to exercise!”

That’s a bad message. I know it’s wrong, and I need to nip it in the bud. I had various reasons each day for why I couldn’t exercise, but let’s face, you can either have excuses or you can have results.

Ooops. I got my results while also having excuses. Anyway, that won’t last and it’s not a good long-term strategy. Today I have packed my gym bag and in order to remove any excuses I’m set for rain or shine – running clothes* for if it’s sunny, gym cloths for if it’s rainy.

Today’s weight: 184.5.

*I wear compression tights to stabilize my body lift scar when I run, as well as a more hardcore sports bra. Neither of these is required or desired for a gym workout.


Thwarted Again

Ankle feels great today! Now it’s raining.pinkhair

I didn’t end up working out at all yesterday, in any capacity, because I was a little depressed as my cat of over 13 years is dying and I wanted to snuggle with him instead, so I did. Today I will go to the gym and do strength training, because it’s raining simply to thwart me. God knows we need the rain here in sunny California, I just prefer to run outdoors!

So I will go to the gym in a little while here and get that out of the way. Food is on track today. I’m rockin’ my new pink hair highlights today at work, too.

My sweet husband stocked us up on lean protein and veggies Sunday afternoon, so I’m looking forward to what he cooks up tonight.

Weight this morning: 186.

Stupid Ankle

I had planned to go for a run this afternoon, as I had a weekend full of perhaps too much festive eating. But as I was walking from my car to my office, my left ankle started hurting out of the blue. I was just walking, I didn’t misstep or twist it or anything it just…started hurting. I thought at first it would be one of those transient pains I get now that I’m in my late 30s, and after a few steps it would stop again like normal.

Well, now it’s 3pm and it’s been hurting all day – for no reason! I did nothing to my stupid little ankle to warrant this! I’ve been kind of limping around the office waiting for the pain to go away but it’s hanging in there. So I guess I won’t be running this afternoon, which is a bummer because I need to get back on track with exercise after too much fun food the last few days.

Alas, all I can imagine I’d be up for at this point is upper body strength training, so I guess I’ll do that. Food is completely back on track today, as planned. I always plan to be on track and follow my food plan, because that’s how I roll.

Weight this morning: 187, which is an increase from last week’s lows, but is actually my target weight! I’m happy with this.

Hard start

Screamed myself awake early this morning from a horrible dream. Worst I’ve had in years. *shudder* Kinda colored my whole day, waking up like that.

Anyway…still doing it. Small portions, lots of fruits and veggies and supportive, healthy foods. Dragged the husband along on a run this evening, even though it was late and his foot hurt. I’m a harsh task mistress. He’s a trooper.

Weight this morning: 184.

More walking, less drinking.

I had a 5 1/2 mile day yesterday, walked to work, then went for a run, then walked home. That felt pretty good. I’ll be trying to walk to work more now that it’s getting warmer, although the sun is perfectly placed at that time of the morning to just blast me in the face the whole way. Hats it is, then.

I’ve been noticing (that’s an understatement) that ever since I went off Optifast and have been maintaining my current weight, I can’t drink any alcohol whatsoever without getting a blistering migraine. Before the diet, if I took a Claritin before I started, watched how much I imbibed, and kept hydrated I could enjoy a pleasant evening with a couple of drinks without too much problem. Now…I get an almost immediate migraine if I so much as take two sips of port. (Ask me how I know.) I’m wondering if it’s something about having a lower body weight or lower fat percentage? Maybe the fat was helping me to absorb or process the alcohol? Or maybe it’s an aging thing, because I don’t remember this being the case 10 years ago when I was first at this weight. Whatever the cause, I’m sad about the result. I am an extremely unwilling abstainer.

Yesterday’s weight: 184.5. Today’s weight: 185.

Controlling My Portions

My husband and I went away this weekend to celebrate his birthday. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do a run or other focused workout, so I needed to be very careful with my food, and get as much walking into each day as possible.

I’ve been really paying attention lately to how much I eat, and stopping before I feel too full. This means that even if there is a lot of food left on my plate, I stop if I can feel enough in my stomach. In fact, this has been working really well. Friday night we went out to a Mediterranean restaurant, a cuisine I love. I ordered the mezze platter, an appetizer with many of my favorites, and then some Avgelemono chicken soup for my entree. I stopped eating after only a few spoonfuls of the soup because the appetizer I’d shared had really filled me up. Again on Saturday, we both ordered a healthy appetizer (tuna poke for me, crab cakes for my husband) and then a salad for our entrees. Again I was careful about stopping when my stomach felt satisfied. We shared a piece of flourless chocolate cake for dessert (not because I object to flour – they only had two items on the dessert menu and that sounded better than the other option), which was a nice small slice split between us.

Sunday morning we ended up at a breakfast buffet. I’m generally against buffets for any meal, as they encourage over eating in a variety of ways. I practiced stopping when I felt satisfied though, which meant I ended up eating a single pancake, half a piece of French toast, a few forkfuls of eggs and that was about it.

This morning’s weigh in shocked me – even though I’d eaten some foods that I generally don’t consider supportive, like pancakes and chocolate cake, I came in at 182.5. I stepped off and stepped on again, because my scale is notoriously unreliable and I was wondering if there was a fault with it. Second time I came in at 184. Either way, my weekend of eating different kinds of “fun” foods but in small amounts resulted in a loss.

On Reaching Goals and Rewarding Myself

When I set a goal last summer of losing the weight I needed to lose for this reset effort, I told myself that when I attained my goal (not if, when) I would reward myself with a new tattoo. It has been over 12 years since my first one was completed, and it has taken me that long to decide where to put the next one. These things don’t happen fast for me – I didn’t get the first one until I was 27! So now I’m ready for a second one, and I’ve done the work I felt that I needed to do to “deserve” such an indulgence.

My first tattoo. Completed in 2001.

My first tattoo. Completed in 2001.

I’ve decided to put it on my left thigh, down the front and side. Problem is, I’m not sure what I want. I had been kicking around a tiger motif, because I like them and I was born in the Chinese zodiac “year of the tiger.” But, really…that’s not totally me. Then I thought, maybe a giraffe – ha! that would fit the space perfectly! Long and narrow! But…considering what the flesh of my thigh looks like, it might look weird. I have a lot of excess flesh there, which has fallen into looking like what you might envision if I told you I had a lot of cellulite. It’s lumpy and wrinkly.

So then I thought, it would be nice if I could find something that worked with the natural terrain. But…well, there’s the obvious – get an elephant. But having grown up as a “fat kid” it’s not a word that has a positive association for me, having had it hurled at me as an epithet in my youth. I’m not sure what! Which is fine, I have time – I still have to find an artist. I welcome your ideas and suggestions. However, if you have an objection to tattoos on moral (or any other) grounds please keep your opinions to yourself. Not the place for it.

Yesterday’s weight: 186.5. Today’s weight: 186.5.

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