A Weekend of Food Challenges

I had a really fun weekend full of non-stop eating opportunities! Friday night my husband and I went to the restaurant of a friend of ours, who is an amazing charcutier. That means there weren’t a lot of veggie options, and honestly that’s not her forte anyway, so I went for it and ordered the lamb shanks, and also split a charcuterie plate with my husband. I ate about a quarter of the lamb dish and had the rest boxed up.

My stomach has shrunk over the last 6 months as I’ve been losing weight, and I’m going to protect that as long as I can. When I eat now I focus on being mindful about how much food I eat, and how full I’m getting. I aim to stop eating when I’m satisfied, not full. I don’t need to be completely full to feel satisfied, particularly if I’m eating high-density foods like lamb or sausage, so I have been having a lot of restaurant meals boxed up lately. I don’t know if my stomach has physically shrunk, or if my sense of portion sizes has just adjusted down, or what is exactly going on, but I know that I am able to be happy eating smaller portions than ever before in my life, and I’m doing what I can to keep that going as long as I can!

Saturday we had TWO parties to attend (after a morning run), starting with a birthday celebration at a seafood restaurant. I have a default when I’m at a seafood restaurant. Yes, going with a baked, poached, or broiled fillet of fish will work fine, particularly if I can replace whatever starch usually comes with it with extra steamed veggies, but that’s not my default order at a fancy fish place. I almost always order cioppino. It’s a very tasty, low-calorie option!bluedress

After the birthday party we headed to a house party, where staying on target was relatively easy, for two reasons: 1) I wasn’t drinking at all because I’ve recently had a spate of migraines and cutting out alcohol reduces the obvious triggers and 2) the party was laid out on two floors, and the food was only on the second floor – it was really easy to avoid the snack table. Perfect! Here’s a pic of the outfit I whipped up by putting together a dress I love love love but often feels too short for my comfort (hence it doesn’t get worn often enough), paired with my $7 thrift shop jeans.

Sunday was yet another birthday party. And it was a food-focused one – my friend Andrew makes an amazing spread of Russian food when he throws a party, and Sunday was no different. I was very careful about my choices, but was able to easily limit my calories by sticking to vegetarian Borscht, grilled marinated mushrooms (I ate a LOT of mushrooms!), and marinated cucumbers. And I split a small piece of birthday cake with my husband, because I’m not a total killjoy!

Overall I’m very pleased with my successful navigation of the weekend food challenges!


One Response to “A Weekend of Food Challenges”

  1. Dr.Aimz Says:

    Mushrooms are good rooms!
    I likes things that are like, no calories just about!

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