I’m down another pound this week, making this round’s total 47. I’m still sad that I had to do this again at all, but at some point in maintaining a significant weight loss a readjustment is likely to become necessary. I didn’t think, when I was 5 or 8 years in that it ever would, I was sure I was completely on top of my weight forever and ever. Then I spent a year going through chemically-induced depression. But I fought back, and here I am. Here’s a picture of me last week going out with my husband on Valentine’s Day to see our favorite band, The Red Elvises!ValetimesLaina

We have a new instructor for our class, tonight was the first night I’ve encountered him as last week I stayed home with a migraine. In an attempt to establish his cred he informed us that he’d lost 70 pounds and kept it off for 3 whole years! I’m sure you know what I thought.

That’s adorable.

Allow me my moment, I’ll get it out of my system soon. Anyway, he proceeded to spend the entire hour adding absolutely zero value to my life in any way, shape, or form. And doing it in an extremely slow and laborious fashion, filled with specious half-truths and typical diet industry BS. I may be done going to the classes now. I know several of you are doing Optifast now, but my experience with the program has been that it is a very poor, extremely weak program that teaches little of the skills one will need for a lifetime of maintaining a weight loss. I wish I felt differently because I very much wanted it to be a valuable program. Especially considering how much I paid for it. *grump*


One Response to “Week…whatever.”

  1. DrAimz Says:

    Grrl. Start your own program. Srsly.
    Start of an EMPIRE.

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