My Body Is Trolling Me

Last night my husband and I wanted to see people and get out of the house, so we organized a last-minute impromptu dinner with friends at a restaurant we like. I knew I’d be taking a hit, I knew I’d probably bounce up a couple-three-four pounds on the scale today for my extravagances, but I was willing to take the short-term gain – it was a worthwhile trade for me for an evening of enjoyment, and I had a mitigation plan before I left the house.

Enjoy myself I did, too. I had 2 fruity cocktails to start, I had several pieces of bread from the breadbasket, a glass of prosecco. I ordered blackened fish for my dinner which was a good choice, and no dessert, but I still expected Repercussions this morning, and planned to go for a run as part of my mitigation effort.

Down 2.5 pounds this morning to a new low. My body is trolling me. This is my body trying to trick me into thinking I can do this anytime. I won’t let it fool me. I’m still going for a run this morning. Time to go lace up my shoes.


2 Responses to “My Body Is Trolling Me”

  1. Caron Says:

    You are so right! I have faced this many times after being very diligent and losing weight. The thought “I’m cured” might have come to mind. Good luck on staying firm and telling your body (and mind) that you are in control. 🙂

  2. disappearingwoman Says:

    It’s a never-ending trade off between calories and exercise. After posting today about exercise, I’m trying to muster the energy to actually do it. 🙂

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