It’s Been a Food Obstacle Course

I was up a half pound last night. This is not a cause for alarm for me as I was planning to level off anyway, and I’ve been dealing with some very trying food situations all week. Instead of being in my office like usual, I’m attending all-day meetings in a hotel conference room with catered meals and snacks. I’ve been dealing pretty well, but generally eating more fruit than I probably need calorie-wise. Lunches prior to today were pretty good – I could usually make a big salad with a bit of protein from the offerings. Today it was pizza and pasta, and the salad was a very perfunctory iceberg-lettuce-with-bland-dressing option. And they’d been doing so good! I had no option other than to eat a small portion of pasta and two tiny slices of pizza along with my salad lest I spend all afternoon famished. The portions were very small but there’s really no room in my program for eating either of those things.

I will, for the record, mention that every single day there were pastries, bagels and breads in the morning which I never took a single bite of at all. And in the afternoons there have been cookies, brownies, cheesecake, and yesterday even chocolate birthday cake (one of the participants had a birthday and the organizer had one brought in, which was nice). None of which have I touched. Sometimes I feel like I ought to get credit for the things I DON’T eat! There’s also always been fruit, for which I am very grateful! It’s the only thing that’s kept me out of the baked goods.

I tacked an extra mile onto my run this evening to try to mitigate some of the slight damage I know I’ve done this week with all the extra fruit and today’s lunch, and the general laxity I’ve been operating under. I’m happy that tomorrow is the last day of the all-day hotel-conference-room meetings for now. I can get back to my regular schedule of food and no temptations!


2 Responses to “It’s Been a Food Obstacle Course”

  1. Donna Says:

    when you resist temptations you should award yourself smugness points

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