Polishing up the skills

There are two behaviors that this recent weight loss program has helped me with improving, that I hadn’t realized needed it. Or at least hadn’t realized it to the point of doing anything about it:

  1. Gotten me back on a schedule. Just prior to starting this program, I had drifted into a fairly disordered way of eating, where I would kind of munch all through the day, whenever I was bored or food was available. This is no way to maintain a healthy weight for me, and being limited to six small meals a day made me militant about sticking to a schedule and not eating whenever I felt like it. If I know I will have to wait even longer for my next meal, or spend hours at the end of the day hungry, it’s easier to wait until the right time to eat. The “right time” being the time that best spaces out the meals so that I have the most consistent levels of energy and lowest amount of time spent feeling outright hunger. I’ve continued following this schedule as I’ve transitioned and it’s very helpful to reduce the amount of snacking between meals I was doing before, which can really add up!
  2. Strengthened my ability to resist non-planned foods. For a while there before I started this recent round of weight loss, I’d kind of given up and couldn’t really remember why I shouldn’t just have a bit of whatever was offered – candy in the break room, cake at a friend’s house, cookies because Girl Scouts, etc. Being so narrowly restricted for 4 months has made the healthy, supportive foods I have already planned to eat each day now seem pretty darned special all on their own – my regular food is a treat, so it’s easy to decline other foods which are less supportive and which I hadn’t planned for. Also I’m back in the habit of doing it again, so double bonus.

So those are the good things I’ve noticed recently now that I’m “back in the world of food.”

Also WordPress just informed me that this is my 300th post on this blog. Woohoo!

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2 Responses to “Polishing up the skills”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Makes a lot of sense!

  2. Shonnie Says:

    That is good to hear! 😀

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