I’m a checker-offer. I just am.

In the past I’ve usually used the journaling method of writing down what I eat when I eat it. This has always worked really well for me, because the targets I was aiming for were very simple – lots and lots of fruits and veggies, limit other calories.


My checklist so far today.

But with the current system I’m trying to conform to, things aren’t so simple. It’s not just “eat a lot of veggies” it’s a system of exchanges of various types of foods in various levels and it’s got a lot of moving parts. Just writing down what I ate wasn’t working for me because it didn’t tell me if I was eating the RIGHT things that I was supposed to be eating, and it didn’t tell me what I had left that I could eat as I progressed through the day. Inside my head I was having to try and calculate what I’d eaten already against what I could eat, and figure out what was left and it just wasn’t working and it was stressing me out and I was starting to worry if this THIS would be the program that finally flipped me over into having an eating disorder (yes, it was stressing me out that much).

So yesterday I was at work in my office, working through my tasks that I had to do this week, checking off the ones I’d done as I’m wont to do and my solution smacked me in the face. I made up a checklist of everything I need to eat every day for my program and printed out a bunch of copies. Now I just check off what I’ve eaten as I eat it, and write the approximate calories next to it as I go. And there’s even some space at the bottom to note my exercise. This has made a huge difference in my comfort level with the current eating regimen!


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