Transition Info

We got information last week about what the transition will look like. It starts on January 1st (good time to start a new phase!), and lasts around 6 weeks.

Week 1 we will reduce meal replacements by 1 so that we consume 5 per day, and then add in 4 ounces of lean protein and 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables. I have a list of what qualifies for each category. So that’s pretty easy to follow.  I do find it interesting, though, that the transition off of HMR started with a cooked potato (no skin) being the very first non-program thing you eat, and the Optifast transition does NOT include potatoes at all as they are starchy and therefore could cause “intestinal distress.” Makes me think there’s a lot less science than guesswork behind some of this stuff.

The hard part, for me, is portion sizes. I don’t own a food scale to figure out what 4 ounces is, so I’ll have to approximate, or buy one. Or hope that somebody I know has one they aren’t using and don’t want anymore.

On the one hand, it will be nice to eat real food again. On the other, it’s kind of a hassle. Because despite being able to eat real food again, it’s not like I can go out to a restaurant or to a friend’s house for dinner yet – I have to be very specific about how the food is cooked and the means doing it ourselves and packing it along wherever we go. So it’ll be at least until mid-February until our social life can return to a semblance of normal. *sigh*

Still, having the transition on the horizon feels nice. A little anxiety-inducing, but nice.


2 Responses to “Transition Info”

  1. Shonnie Says:

    4oz looks about the size of a deck of cards. WE didn’t get to have ANY starches once we got back on real food. Just green veggies.

  2. Shonnie Says:

    take your meat with you cooked and order a salad. Order vinegar and lemons for your dressing. 😀 That’s what I did.

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