Week 13 Results – Feeling Optimistic Tonight

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: every number on the scale looks much better when you’re coming at it from above than when you’re coming at it from below. The last time I was at this weight, I felt like a total failure who couldn’t get control of the situation because I reached it via weight gain. This time I feel like a success and also that I look amazing at this weight, why was I so hard on myself before? I totally rock this 196.5 pounds!

Ahh the human mind…not particularly consistent.

  • Change this period: -2.5 pounds
  • Total change so far: -38 pounds

I’m growing optimistic I may eventually reach the 50 pounds goal I had originally created for myself. I will be perfectly happy with 40 though, and that will definitely be easier to maintain. Anyway…two more weeks of all meal replacements and then we start transitioning to real food – on Jan. 1st. Who would have thought my New Year’s resolution would ever be to eat more food?

I ran 3.4 miles today, which is my new farthest distance since I started running again in September. I plan to walk to work tomorrow, so that’ll be a good 40-50 minutes of walking getting there and back.


One Response to “Week 13 Results – Feeling Optimistic Tonight”

  1. Maren Says:

    Hi Laina! I just found your blog and wanted to leave an encouraging comment 🙂 You’ve done such an amazing job, I’m in awe!

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