Stay on Target…

I’m really in a holding pattern right now. I don’t have much to report – I exercise, I consume my 6 meal replacements each day, I wait to weigh in. However, in 2 1/2 more weeks things will start to change – we will start the “Transition” phase of the program. Each day for the first week of transition instead of having 6 meal replacements, I’ll have 5 plus one portion of…something. Then a week of 4 meal replacements a day plus 2 portions of…something. They haven’t told us what yet. And there’s no class for 2 weeks after Wednesday, so I hope they can clear up just exactly we’re supposed to start eating once we start transitioning before the end of class this week! Because we’ll be on our own after that.

I’ve mentioned before that this program is NOT value for the money, and this is yet another example. We have a class this Wednesday night, then none for 2 weeks, which means 3 full weeks without any support, and we go into transition phase with little more than a hearty  2-week-old “good luck out there!” from the program staff. Really poor planning and execution, in my opinion.


I heard a strategy recently that stuck in my mind as something I will try after I’ve transitioned to real food again. The idea is that when presented with treats, like for example pie at a holiday celebration, or cookies or candy, whatever, pick the  one thing you want to try the most, and have 3 bites. That way you get to taste it, without consuming more calories than needed. It makes sense to me – I’m not depriving myself if I get to have 3 bites, and do I really need to eat a full piece of pie to enjoy the pie? No. I don’t need to eat the whole piece to enjoy it – 3 bites would be enough and then I would definitely be sure to savor every bite. So I think I will implement this plan.


4 Responses to “Stay on Target…”

  1. Shonnie Says:

    Our program ran for weeks after we transitioned. Our dietician gAve us a list of foods we could eat. One meat and one veggie. Very, very small meals. Fat must be added back in slow or you could end up in the hospital. Let me know if they don’t give you any info. I can find mine

    • Laina Says:

      Last week in class I was quite direct about the lack of info we’d received so far about transition. The instructor swore up and down that THIS week we’d get “everything we needed to know!” about what to eat…so…I’m slightly hopeful they’ll at least give us something.

  2. Donna Says:

    My grandmother’s diet plan was to have the first bite and the last bite and to skip all the ones in between 🙂

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