Language Matters: How to Say No

My friend Karen posted an article over on Facebook that so completely made my day. It rung really true for me, I’ve been using some of these strategies unconsciously for the last few years and this put it into really clear, sensible language that is backed up by scientific research.

A scientific guide to saying “no”: How to avoid temptation and distraction

Short story: The words you use to talk to yourself matter, so use the right ones to achieve your goals! Please give it a read and think about implementing the suggestion, it’s definitely something I’ll be doing a lot more of now!


3 Responses to “Language Matters: How to Say No”

  1. Kaaren Says:

    Great article! Further, it seems like “I can’t” would be a trigger for an achiever’s brain to figure out how to make it into “I can”.

  2. DR. de Says:

    That was a really interesting article. I loved that they had hard data to show instead of specious psychobabble.

    • Laina Says:

      I have zero patience for specious psychobabble. All we’re getting in my Optifast class right now is specious psychobabble, and it’s monumentally frustrating and depressing.
      Also, specious psychobabble is my new favorite phrase.

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