Week 11 Results

I know, there was no Week 10 Results post. That’s because we didn’t have a class last week. That’s great because the classes are a complete waste of time. Tonight they had a fitness trainer come in to talk to the class. I was waiting for him to say something I didn’t already know, and he actually did, finally, in the last 5 minutes. I now have a slightly different stance I will experiment with using while lifting weights. So that was worth an hour of my time. *eyeroll*

As you may or may not recall, the results I’ve posted for the last 3 times have been 1 pound, 1 pound, and 1.5 pounds. I was concerned because my rate of loss seemed to have slowed to a crawl. Well, this week was 2 weeks worth of effort and I am extremely pleased – apparently I needn’t have despaired.

  • Change this period (2 weeks): -6.5 pounds
  • Total change so far: -34.5

Husband also lost 6.5 pounds, to bring his total to 42.5.I think we are both planning to start adding a bit more strength training into our exercise regimens this week.

This weekend we have several fancy events to dress up for, I’m pleased to note that almost all of my fancy dresses fit again so I have the full selection at my disposal. And I wore actual pants (not yoga pants) to work this week. And I actually have an idea of what I’m going to ask for when I go to see the Hair Whisperer on Friday. This is so unusual as to be almost unheard of! I feel like I’m getting myself back finally.


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