A Workout Takes Longer at a Mile High

I’m in Denver, Colorado tonight on a business trip. I just finished my workout at the gym, wherein I planned to do 5K on the treadmill, however that takes a bit longer when you’re not used to being at elevation! I found that when I set the treadmill to a speed I’m usually pretty comfortable at, I was having a lot of trouble keeping up! So I had to go a bit slower, but I did finish my 3.1 miles.

Today I was in working sessions from noon to 5pm, so I had my breakfast shake when I woke up, one at 11:15 right before leaving for the conference space. Then at 2pm I had a bar, at 3:45 I had the next one, and another when I got back from the meeting before my workout, and I ducked out of the group dinner outing.

I’m mulling this over because I have 6 meal replacements I need to consume every day, 4 shakes and 2 bars (technically we can have up to 3 bars in a day but I’ve been doing 2 a day). For tomorrow it’s going to be a bit tough because I’m not interested in sharing with the ~40 people I’m presenting to today and tomorrow that I’m on a medical weight management program. Like I’ve mentioned before, I hate talking face to face about dieting (boring!) so the less I tell people the less I have to do that.

So, here’s my plan for getting through tomorrow:

  1.  shake before heading out (meetings start at 8am local tomorrow, so probably around 7:30)
  2. a pre-made shake I’ll have in my laptop bag, sneakily slurp it down outside the conf room during the break at 10am
  3. a bar when everyone is eating lunch at noon
  4. another shake from my laptop bag around 2pm when meeting wraps up
  5. a bar once I’m on my airplane (which leaves at 5:20, so 5-ish)
  6. a shake once I’m home (around 8pm)

I’m a little uncomfortable with the long stretch in the afternoon and the long stretch between my 5pm shake and my 8pm (that’s actually closer to 4 hours with the time change, I think). So I will probably try to push my 10am and noon meals as far out as I can, put them off to ease the pressure on my afternoon/evening hunger. I try to space everything out so that I don’t have to go more than 3 1/2 hours between any meal because I don’t like getting really hungry.

The other thing I’m not super excited about is having those mid-day shakes warm. I really don’t enjoy them anything but cold cold cold, but if that’s the worst suffering I have to endure on this trip I’ve got nothing to complain about. I just hope the storm heading towards Denver holds off until my flight is up in the air and on its way tomorrow evening.


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