Being on a Medical Weight Management program like I am can be very isolating around the holidays – to avoid difficult food situations you have to avoid the people you love. To be around the people you love you have to risk sabotaging your program. I know I can’t rely on willpower – I’m no willpower ninja by a long shot – so I had to absent myself from several gatherings of friends I would have loved to attend.

Fortunately I haBest Beach Picve some close friends who understand and were willing to support us in our program by putting off their Thanksgiving feast for a day so that we could spend Thursday with them. I was deeply touched that they were willing to do that for us, obviously, you don’t find friends like that very often. So instead of putting myself and my husband through a tempting ordeal of staring at but not eating delicious food all day long, and explaining to every person present whether we knew them or not why, we went to the beach.

Orange Sunset

We gave thanks for living in a beautiful region where going to the beach on Thanksgiving is an option. We gave thanks that the weather was ridiculously perfect and picturesque all day long. We gave thanks for having friends willing to put off their Thanksgiving feast a day to allow us have a special day too. And I personally gave thanks that I wasn’t groaning and uncomfortable from over-consumption. It felt good to not have any regrets or guilt about my eating.

And it all ended with a glorious sunset and an evening of games, tea, and companionship. I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving day, however you chose to spend it.


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. DR. de Says:

    Hey! Dats *US*!

  2. Jay Says:

    That is awesome that you have friends like that. I am at a point now, I hate the holidays because of all the food offered. I can easily gain 20 pounds between thanks giving and Christmas.

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