Good with the bad. Or, I might be a magpie.

Last week I got some very bad news about my beloved kitty cat. He’s had heart disease for a couple of years now but it has progressed to critical and he doesn’t have much longer to live. I spent most of Thursday in bed cuddling my sweet kitty, and generally depressed since then. The vet made it very clear that Cody is not going to get better now, and he has weeks, not months, to live. I had planned to go to Seattle this weekend for a friend’s Senior Recital for her music degree, but cancelled the trip as I couldn’t bear the thought of going and my buddy dying at home alone while I was gone.

Since I had taken the day off for our Seattle trip anyway, yesterday my husband and I went to check out the Star Wars exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose. We had also planned to visit the SJ Museum of Art but it is closed on Mondays. Boooo! We got several hours of walking and meandering so at least some exercise there.

After that we had a couple of hours to kill before our evening plans so we ended up looking at dresses for the upcoming Masonic Installation. My husband is going to be installed as the Master of the Lodge, which is something he’s been working towards for several years, and it’s a formal event (tuxes and full-length gowns). I know I have several dresses already which would be fine for the occasion, but also this one dress I tried on was perfect and on sale. So that came home with me and I never have to buy another formal again, I think, as I have one in almost every color now. I really enjoy the opportunities to wear them and will bust one out pretty much any chance it’s even remotely appropriate, so it will definitely get used.

And, dammit, I’ve been on a clothes-buying moratorium for 6 months now – it started when nothing fit in the stores anyway and I knew I was going to have to go on a diet to get that in check and has continued as I’ve been losing because why buy something that may not fit in a few weeks? Well, 6 months is a long time (for me) to not buy anything new, I’ve been wearing the heck out of my wardrobe and gradually rotating pieces in as they start fitting again, which is great, but mostly getting bored with what I have. And…well, what was that I said about occasionally reveling in the results you’re getting and rewarding yourself? My favorite reward is new clothes. No question about it.

And then we met up with a friend to see the Day of the Doctor and now you know I am a complete and utter nerd. I really enjoyed it, although I spent most of the day worrying about my kitty cat. When we got home he was impatient and hungry for dinner. He started on a new drug and it seems to be helping him feel a little better, which is good. I’m working at home this week and snuggling him every chance I get.


2 Responses to “Good with the bad. Or, I might be a magpie.”

  1. Tracy Renae Cote Serros Says:

    I’m really sorry about your kitty. 😦

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