A Mug of Tea on a Rainy Night

We finally got some rain today here in Northern California. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts because we likely won’t get any more for a long time. I did actually go out for a run in it earlier this evening, too, so you can’t accuse me of not taking every opportunity to enjoy it!

Tonight I’m staying in now that that’s done, and enjoying some reading, sewing, and tea. I’ve become quite the tea drinker in the last few months. Of my available beverage options it just fits the best, so I drink a whole lot of it. I mean, I can drink water and do, but sometimes you want a little flavor. Diet soda and Crystal Light are ok, but they’re chock full of artificial sweeteners, and the longer I’m on this program the worse they taste to me, my sweetness receptors are out of whack and making sweet things taste too sweet. Plus there’s just a limit to how much soda I should have in a day anyway (that limit is one can, btw). There’s coffee, but as I’ve mentioned before if I can’t have cream in it I don’t want it (hmph). There’s iced tea, which I guess is fine but I’ve never developed a taste for it – sweet or not.

But hot tea, well, it’s really hitting the spot for me right now. It’s flavored, it’s not water, and it’s hot – I normally run cold due to low blood pressure or slow pulse or whatever, and with winter coming on and me on reduced rations sometimes the only way I can get warm is to have a big mug of hot tea. So with my current aversion to artificial sweeteners, I’m almost exclusively drinking green tea because it needs no sweetening. At work it’s the ubiquitous Bigelow bags of standard green tea, but at home I get to indulge in something my sweet husband picked up and I’m now in love with – genmaicha! It’s so good – it’s got a nutty, roasty flavor that just works for me. Not too much caffeine either. I’m having a nice hot mug of it right now.

Here’s to finding something supportive and delicious!

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4 Responses to “A Mug of Tea on a Rainy Night”

  1. Yoko Says:

    I’m hooked on Republic of Tea De-caf Mango Ceylon. It is SOOOO good, Laina, try it!!!

  2. Kaaren Says:

    I’ve turned into a tea girl, too! Every night I drink a big ol’ mug of Sleepy Time, which really helps me sleep soundly through the night. But the tea that is my *treat* right now is Bigelow’s Pumpkin Spice with a little stevia and maybe some almond milk. I bought *several* boxes because it’s seasonal and will be gone after Christmas.

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