OMG YOU GUYS! Old clothes are like magic!

Holy amazeballs, guys! My wardrobe is starting to fit again! Today I needed to figure out what I could wear now that the Holiday Festive Season is kicking off tomorrow for me. I tried on my favorite Red Formal Gown, which 2 months ago was multiple inches (like, 3-4 inches) from closing and IT FITS!!

IMAG0253Look at that! I mean, it’s a tad snug but I can zip that sucker up and walk it around all day if I need to (and I will)! Remember I was all sad about nobody noticing my weight loss? WHO CARES NOW?! Not I. My hard work is finally starting to pay off in a way that matters to me!

It’s funny how I can despair over “only” losing a pound a week for the last two weeks, but with no other changes to my physical reality, trying on and fitting into old clothes again that haven’t fit for months completely changes everything inside my head! Clothes fitting again is like magic!

So then I started pulling out other things I haven’t been able to wear in months or years! Not all of them fit (good to have a goal still!), but my electric blue cocktail dress, which sent me into quite a tailspin in April now fits again too! Oh my lord I was sad when it didn’t fit last spring. And oh how happy today now that it does!

IMAG0255It too, remains a tad snug but that’s only going to get better over the next few weeks and months! I can totally see that getting worn for real in less than a month with no muffin-top bulge under my arm.

And finally, I pulled out my red retro flower dress, which remains on my After page IMAG0257despite my recent inability to wear it for, hmm, at least the last 18 months. I didn’t think it would zip at all, I just thought I’d pull it out to see how far I have to go for that goal. Sort of a “torture myself / give myself something to work toward” moment.

Surprise! Oh yes – it zipped. No straining either. It’s still a tad snug, but if I didn’t have to sit down all night I could wear that beauty out for an evening!

Another two weeks and these will all be perfect fits! Last year I dreaded it, but this year I’m exceedingly excited about the Holiday Formal Season! No shopping required!

Oh, um. It’s Saturday morning so I have Crazy Pillow Hair. That’s why all these photos are neck down. Heh. Think I’ll get dressed for a jog now. Consider it a victory lap.


8 Responses to “OMG YOU GUYS! Old clothes are like magic!”

  1. Turi Says:

    You need to wear that floral number EVERY DAY. So pretty! So flattering! So sassy!

    • Laina Says:

      I shall work tirelessly to integrate it into my everyday wardrobe now that it fits again! It’s on my shortlist for “dresses to wear while attending Turi’s Recital next week.” 🙂

  2. Caron Says:

    One of the great things about losing weight “again” is getting to shop in your own closet. I love it! 🙂

  3. Tracy Renae Cote Serros Says:

    Awesome!!! You look fabulous – especially the red dress at the top! Hubba hubba!!

  4. Thread_walker Says:

    You are a rock star!

  5. Yoko Says:

    Wow! You are an inspiration for me. Will keep on trying! Today’s a struggle because all I want to do is eat. Sigh

  6. Amy Says:

    See! Who needs vintage when you have “already own it”!!

  7. T Says:

    Awesome! They look gorgeous on you! Congratulations!

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