Week 8 Results

Tonight we talked about “lifestyle activities” that burn calories, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away and walking, etc.

It is absolutely pathetic that I’ve fallen into the habit of driving to work every day in the last several months. I should be riding my bike or walking every day, yet every morning I think, “Oh I don’t have time I’ll just drive,” or “Oh, I feel a little weak, I’ll just drive…” That’s silly. I vow to ride my bike to work tomorrow, and keep doing it unless it is raining or snowing. Sheesh I’ve gotten lazy. The other thing I can do is stand during webex meetings at work. Which is most of my work day. Stand and pace in my little office – I won’t even be disturbing anybody else because I have an office with a door! No reason I can’t do that instead of surfing the web while sitting on my ass.

Change this week: -1lb
Total so far: -26.5
Husband is down 3, for a total of -36.5. Freakin’ men and their freakin’ fast metabolisms…

This week in my various internet wanderings I’ve been coming across a lot of “love your body” type of bloggers who write things along the lines of, “I just don’t understand people who diet. Quit hating your body! You should just love your body and do what is natural, light exercise and feeding it when it’s hungry…etc….blah blah oblivious blah”

Oh honey. If trying to maintain a healthy weight means I hate my body then I guess guilty as charged. But for people who aren’t YOU, for people who don’t have a relatively normal body, for people like me who got the defective genes, who can gain 30 pounds in 2 months just by not paying attention, for whom light exercise means gaining 3 pounds a week vs hanging on by the fingernails to maintain doing heavy and constant exercise and being hungry most of the day, that is some extremely patronizing bullshit to be lobbing around. If you have not lived in a body like mine, then you do not get to pass judgement on what I must do to maintain it.  And you do not get to speculate on whether or not I love my body.


5 Responses to “Week 8 Results”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Of course you love your body! You are doing the hardest things to be good to your body! For some people, as you say, it is easy to lose weight or stay at an optimum weight. For you, it’s an incredibly difficult and expensive task. Those people just don’t get it. I just watched my father almost die from years of being overweight. Now, my well-meaning stepmother has him convinced that he needs to gain a little weight and get back up to a “healthier” weight. He will be back up to morbidly obese soon. With his diabetes (which she thinks is Pre-diabetes, and cirrhosis of the liver, his health will tumble again soon. YOU are doing the right thing and keeping your inner organs from the damage of the extra fat it cannot deal with for long periods of time. YOU are strong and I am do impressed by your resolve and determination. I am comforted by your progress. Don’t let anyone else rain on your parade or minimize your achievements! You rock!

  2. Amy Says:

    “Oh honey.”
    Cracked me up! And I totally agree. Once a significant amount of weight has hung around for awhile, my body is all “Mine!” like those seagulls in Finding Nemo. That doesn’t go away with light exercise and “good” food.

  3. Mary Says:

    I completely agree with your last statement, about the “love your body” bloggers. Needing to lose 10 pounds vs 100+ pounds is an entirely different game, and it has entirely different rules. We’re not dieting (the verb), we’re changing our lifestyles by altering our diets (the noun). We’re trying to finally take care of ourselves after years of abuse. That’s love.

  4. Inara Says:

    Well said. I love my body, but I need to take better care of it and I recognize that.

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