We have a basic unit of measurement already.

After last weeks failure to exercise to my own personal requirements, I decided that this week I would make sure to run – not every day but – almost every day. But yesterday after my run I started feeling a bit nauseated. Which has persisted into today. I don’t know what it is, I just feel ucky. I’m considering going home from work just for a nap. I also haven’t been sleeping well the last 2 nights.

Otherwise, everything is on course – food, exercise, planning, environment. I feel like I’m on cruise control right now. I think we have 7 more weeks on meal replacements only, then we start the transition. The transition involves dropping the number of meal replacements by one each week. I think. Wednesday at class the instructor mentioned “exchanges” as their food tracking program. As in, I guess, you translate actual food into exchange units that you record? I don’t know exactly, what I do know is that NutriSystem from the 1980s called and they want their program back.

How completely lame is that? Why would you not instruct people in how to use the basic unit of measurement for energy in food? We have one already, it’s called calories. There’s no need to make up a system that obscures them – if you want to know what’s going on in your weight management, you need to understand calories. Not some made-up exchange system that isn’t standard and doesn’t appear on any food label anywhere.

The only reason I can fathom that a program would NOT instruct people on how to account for their intake using the commonly available unit of measure is to foster dependence on the program. That is extremely underhanded and not ethical, in my book. I continue to be less and less impressed with this program. I hear we get to do program evaluations next week, like a survey or something. I have a lot to say.


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