Week 7 results, in which I am a bit down

This week has been tough on the exercise front for me. For a variety of reasons most of the exercise I have gotten has been walking. Walking is great exercise…but I know through years of experience that it’s not enough for my body. So today I remembered that the campus I work at has a gym, so I packed a gym back and went there in the early afternoon. It had been so long since I put together a gym bag that I forgot to pack my contacts, but otherwise I was good to go. I ran for 3 miles on the treadmill, which went fine. FINE. Not my favorite but it needed to get done so I did it.

Tonights results:

  • Change this week: -1 lb
  • Total so far: -25.5 (more than halfway there! Go me!)
  • My husband was down 2 this week for a total of 33.5.

There can be a tendency to be down when one has such a week as I have had – only lost a pound! Actually that doesn’t bother me at all – any loss is good, and those pounds add up over time – I’m playing the long game. There could even be a tendency to be a little envious of my husband’s loss being greater than mine so far. Again, I understand that the male metabolism gives him an advantage, and also he was starting from a higher weight than me, so of course he’s going to lose faster/more. No, the thing that has me down is that we are both working equally hard and he’s getting all the recognition!! Everywhere we go, everyone we see is all, “Wow, C, you look great man, you’re really losing weight!” And not a single person has noticed or mentioned or commented on my loss yet unbidden. Apparently you can’t see 25 pounds at all on a frame such as mine. When you do the work to lose 25 pounds, it’s kind of a letdown to discover that you could have not even bothered for all the good it has done your appearance!

Curse him for carrying all his weight in his face and belly! And curse my stupid body for evenly distributing it so well you can’t see it at all! Pah! I can see the loss! *stalks off*


One Response to “Week 7 results, in which I am a bit down”

  1. Tracy Renae Cote Serros Says:

    Great job on the weight loss! I would bet money you can see 25 lbs!! Maybe part of it is it’s more taboo to mention her weight to a woman… Before my wedding, I lost 40 lbs in about 6 months. I know you could see that – I went from a size 18 to a (loose) size 12! And not one person from either my job or my husband’s (very large) family mentioned a thing to me. Only people in my family and my very close friends seemed to “notice.”

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