I might be a bit slow

I saw some friends yesterday at a birthday party, people who I haven’t really seen since I started the diet. I didn’t realize until several hours after we got home that when they kept saying, “You look great!” they might not have meant my dress. I just thought they were complimenting my sartorial choices – hey, I hadn’t worn that dress before and I think I accessorized it marvelously! That’s a reasonable assumption, right? 1398882_10152007381859312_1857884045_o

But then after we got home and I was brushing my teeth I thought, “Oh, maybe they meant my weight loss – I mean, I am down 25 pounds now so it’s reasonable that it might have started showing, maybe?” I dunno, coulda just been the dress too. Doesn’t matter overly much either way, but I was amused at how slow I was (if, in fact, it was the loss they were commenting on).

Saturday night, which I mentioned last week, was a dress-up Vampire Ball and I was very pleased with how my look turned out. Here’s my darling husband and I looking delightfully vampiric. This was put together with some pieces I had on hand already.

What, you don’t have wigs and top hats sitting around in your house?


2 Responses to “I might be a bit slow”

  1. woodlandwhimsy Says:

    I don’t have wigs, but I do have top hats. Both of you look fantastic!

  2. Laurie Says:

    Yes, your face already looks more slender. You were also wearing a smashing outfit with adorable coordinating hat.

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