No Candy for Us Tonight

We learned last year that we aren’t going to get any trick-or-treaters anyway, in fact we still have a bag of the candy from last year in a cupboard somewhere.

Oh yeah – I buy the crappy candy to hand out, the stuff I don’t like – the stuff nobody likes, really. This strategy is so entirely successful at keeping me from eating the candy that I have year-old crappy candy squirreled away. Even at my most desperate…that stuff doesn’t get eaten. That’s sad candy, my friends!

I like to think of late October/early November as the Costume Season – no reason to restrict oneself to a single night! Last Saturday we went as Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer to a Halloween Party at the home of some friends. My workplace is not conducive to dressing up so I have to find my outlets elsewhere.DrHorrible&CptnHammer

I had been planning to join some friends tonight who set up a haunted house/maze in their yard for the kids as part of the haunted house scare crew, but my husband is having a gout attack and I didn’t have the emotional energy tonight to want to put myself in a dangerous food environment replete with candy and snacks and no support. So we stayed in and watched scary videos. Saturday night will be more my speed for celebrating spookiness – I’ll be going to a Vampire Ball put on by a local dance and reenactment society. I put my costume bits together tonight and I am very excited about how it has turned out! I’ll post pictures if I get some good ones on Saturday.


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