Week 6 Check In. A Rain Check for Some Honesty Later.

I’m really wrestling tonight with telling you what I really think about this Optifast program. However, since I don’t want to get kicked off the program were somebody to stumble across it, I’m going to save my commentary until we’re done. Long story short: HMR is a vastly better program if you need the skills to do this long-term. I’m glad I have a background in this already or I’d really be struggling.


It’s interesting to me how a particular number on the scale can look so good when you’re coming at it from above, and so horrifying when you’re coming at it from below. Same number, yet sometimes it’s cause for celebration and sometimes for consternation. This week was no milestone number or anything, this is just an observation I’ve been mulling.

Change this week: -4.5 lbs
Total change so far: -24.5 lbs. I am halfway to my goal (well, close enough – 24.5 down, 25.5 to go! Woot!)

Handsome husband was down 3, for a total of 31.5 so far for him. He needs a belt for his cargo shorts, stat.


One Response to “Week 6 Check In. A Rain Check for Some Honesty Later.”

  1. Shonnie Says:

    I hate optifast. hate it. Love what it does for losing weight. If I can’t get my body moving in the right direction over the next few months … this girl will be back on it. 😦

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