My Nemesis: Captain Treadmill

I accidentally spent most of yesterday with a migraine. It was weird because everything hurt, so I didn’t realize that my head also hurt until around 6pm – I’d spent most of the day just worrying that I was coming down with something or thinking my stomach was just upset and my neck was sore and and and…  I have drugs that work great for migraine – if I realize that’s what’s happening! This is the first time I haven’t realized for so long due to so many other things hurting. So that was a wasted day.

Today I’m on another business trip. I’ve already gotten the loathed and despised treadmill portion of the show out of the way tonight. In the ranking of how I’d like to get exercise, it goes something like:

1. Anything I can do with my husband.
2. Running/walking/biking in the great outdoors.
3. Embarrassing myself dancing.
4. Embarrassing myself doing team sports.
5. Running from a hungry bear.
6. Being on a treadmill.

Although this treadmill in specific (we’ve had run-ins before – I stay at this hotel a lot) seems like particularly hard work as treadmills go, as it’s in a tiny, airless room, facing a wall, and the belt always seems sluggish and unwilling. But I did it.

I did it by promising myself that I wouldn’t even work that hard. Maybe I’d just walk for a half hour or 20 minutes today – just to have done something… And then when I get there I’m like “I can do better than this…I’ll just bump the speed up to 4.5 for a few minutes, then walk for a bit” and I end up walking and jogging and walking then jogging for longer periods and maybe going a little faster, and heck, I can make it to 3 miles and before you know it I’ve done 45 minutes sweating and breathing hard and my face is all red and my heart has been pounding and I can get off and go back to my room and do some pushups and squats and situps and call it a night.

So that’s how I get it done even though I really don’t like it or feel like doing it tonight (any night) when I have to do the treadmill. Staying on the food program is the easy part for me.


3 Responses to “My Nemesis: Captain Treadmill”

  1. Monica Says:

    Have you tried something like Zombie Run? I know Stacey was using it and enjoyed the variety (personally I haven’t used it).

    • Laina Says:

      Not, it’s really rare for me to actually run on a treadmill – pretty much only when I’m on a business trip, so it’s not really worth it to get invested in whatever that is for the 2-3 times a quarter when I have to use a treadmill. I can just bear down and get it done.

  2. Donna Says:

    As a wise woman named Laina once said, it is called a WORKout, not a funout … you aren’t expected to enjoy it 🙂

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