Finished the Dirty Girl

That was my first OCR (Obstacle Course Run – I learned that today) and I had fun! I tend to shy away from group sports because I hate feeling like the slowest one, but it was a great group of women and we had a fun time staying together as a team.

The one obstacle I was most worried about was a breeze. For some reason I was really worried about the rope net ladder thingie, but it wasn’t nearly as fearsome as I’d thought. Look at us go! dirtygirlnetropetop

My sweet husband managed to get underneath the obstacle to take pictures as we went up. This is my new favorite picture of me – conquering my fears!











And here we are on the first mud-obstacle – under a net so you have no choice but to get good and grubby!









And here’s the team after first mud. I had so much fun with them today! The t-shirts all say “Muddy Valkyries” in runic script and there’s a winged helmet or something (it’s hard to see with all the mud!).









I’d definitely do one of these again, but I’m not sure I’d do a timed mud run like a Tough Mudder, for example. I liked that this was all for fun and not about competition. I don’t have a competitive nature (especially where athletics are involved) so this format was perfect for me. I am looking forward to being in better shape though, and seeing these pictures makes me doubly glad I’ve been working on losing weight and getting fitter. All my hard work is finally starting to pay off and that makes me even more motivated to keep it up!


One Response to “Finished the Dirty Girl”

  1. Caron Says:

    That looks like and sounds like fun for the younger crowd. I don’t like competitive things either. I like exercise classes and yoga classes, and I like walking, swimming and bicycling because I can go my own speed. I hope you can get the mud out of your clothes! 🙂

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