Week 5 Check In

I’m packing tonight for another business trip, this time to Portland, OR. I’ll be there for just one night, and two long days of meetings during which meals and snacks will be provided. This can be a challenging situation. My plan is to do the following things: Check a suitcase so I can have my pre-made shakes on hand. Make sure I’m not sitting where the food is staring at me. Water, diet soda, tea. Gum. Hit the gym after work tomorrow night. I’m staying at what is reputed to be a very nice hotel and hoping their gym is just as nice as their reputation hints it might be. This trip will be a good preview for my next trip – Monday and Tuesday to SoCal. It’s a whirlwind, with a 5K and Halloween Party jammed into the weekend in between!

This week’s change: -2 pounds

Total change so far: -20 pounds.

I am always worried I’m not going to have a loss, but this week in addition to just wanting any kind of a loss, I really wanted it to be at least two pounds to get to that nice, even 20. Even better, I have now crossed the BMI threshold from “obese” to merely “overweight”, coming in at a nice 29.9 today. You know how I feel about BMI. “Overweight? Baby I make that look GOOD.”

My charming husband was down 6 pounds this week, bringing him to -28 total. He is looking FINE, if I do say so myself. And I do.


2 Responses to “Week 5 Check In”

  1. T Says:

    Wow! 20lbs in five weeks is awesome!! Congratulations!

  2. Tracy Renae Cote Serros Says:

    Awesome! Good for you!! I think I’m about 5 lbs from hitting the “overweight” category on BMI… I’m excited about that too, even though BMI is bs… I had my body fat measured one time, and to come closer to the correct BMI for my body, I had to add about 4 inches to my height.

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