4 Week Check In

I’ve now completed 4 weeks of meal replacements. Last night after our class we put on the same clothes we’d been wearing when we took our before pictures and took one-month check in pictures. The difference on me is barely discernible – only from the side and only if you know to look for it, so I’m not going to bother posting. I guess I was expecting more of a difference but I know we have 3 more months. We’ll keep taking a photo once every four weeks, hopefully there’ll be a noticeable difference by the time we’re done. Otherwise why the hell am I doing this?

Yeah yeah, I feel better. I had a couple of migraines (my constant bane) the first week of meal replacements, and since then only one (last night). Which is pretty darned good. I have been feeling some fatigue but beating it back with occasional surprise naps and light exercise. And my clothes, at least, fit a little better. That one is a hard call for me because I pretty much only wear knits anymore, so I rarely get to see any kind of difference in fit, but today I’m wearing a skirt that was embarrassingly snug a month ago, so that’s progress. Now it’s just sexily-clingy.

Last night’s weigh-in: down 3 pounds. Excellent result! Very pleased!

Total change so far: -18 pounds.

My husband is down 22 so far. It is very visible in him, he’s pleased to see his handsome, rugged face coming back in the mirror. Or maybe that’s just me.


2 Responses to “4 Week Check In”

  1. Donna Says:

    18 pounds in four weeks is great!!! Also, being only 4 pounds behind that darned masculine metabolism is pretty good too. Go you!!!

  2. Shonnie Says:

    That’s awesome!! Going down at all is awesome! What program are you on??

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