Weird Folds, Too Much Sweet, and Weekly Weigh In

For the last few months, when I bend over in the shower while scraping down the walls with the window scraper (keeps mildew/water spots/etc. from forming) I’ve been getting a weird fold in my belly skin. I have a scar running through that area already (from the skin removal surgery I had after I lost the 200 pounds) so I’m hyper-sensitive (still, after 8 years) to any new sensations in that area. Well, yesterday morning as I was scraping down the walls I noticed a lack of that weird folding sensation – just the usual folding. This I will put down as the first of “physical observations that weight loss is occurring.”

Another interesting observation: I’ve become very sensitive to sweet, and I can’t take things that are too sweet anymore. I now use half the amount of sweetener in my tea (when I use any at all, which is rare), and can barely stand any extra sweetness added to anything I consume. In fact, even adding the Torani sugar-free flavorings to my shakes is very dangerous because more than just a drop is tasting too sweet to me.

I’ve added strength training exercises in addition to my daily running and walking. Time to build some muscles.

Last night’s weigh-in results: Down 0.5 pounds – and I’m happy to have it, considering the current hormonal state of my body!

Total change so far: -15 pounds.

Amazing Husband “only” lost 3 pounds this week and was disappointed. I can’t even. I tried to explain that a 3 pound loss after the initial week or two is about as good as it gets, but he’ll see. He’s down 20.5 and I am SO proud of him – I can definitely see it in his face and his body already. Here’s some pics from our big event over the weekend – we did great staying on track, but probably going to a banquet isn’t going to be our best bet for an enjoyable evening for the duration of the program!





One Response to “Weird Folds, Too Much Sweet, and Weekly Weigh In”

  1. Caron Says:

    Great pictures. I have to admit that I’ve often wondered about people who have skin removal and regain weight. I get kind of aggravated with that Chris Powell (Extreme Weight Loss guy) who seems to mostly promote the surgery rather than changing the way you think about food and exercise for the rest of your life. You guys are doing great with your program.

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