Hungry Day Strategies

Here are some of the strategies I use to try and get through those days when I’m hungry all day long. These also work for me when I’m just plain ol’ hungry but it’s too soon to eat or I can’t eat for whatever reason. The goal is to get through the day without destroying my program.

  • Hot tea – I find that hot liquid shuts my stomach down a little bit when it’s growling.
  • Big glass of ice water – usually I’ll add some flavor, like Crystal Light or Mio.
  • Distraction – anything to keep my mind busy and occupied – a game, a good conversation, internet research…
  • Exercise – this one is counter-intuitive because usually exercising when I’m hungry sounds like a terrible idea, but it will sometimes work as an appetite suppressant. If nothing else it provides a distraction.
  • Sleep – if I’m out of food for the day it may be time to go to bed, and/or take a nap.
  • Chewing gum – keeps my mouth busy, and there are some lovely sugarless gum flavors out there.

What are your strategies for dealing with hunger?


2 Responses to “Hungry Day Strategies”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Definitely gum, distraction and water, tea etc. work helps .. Being so busy there is no time to eat. My only problem is that I am grouchy when I am hungry and hurting. Which is often. (Back pain). So I just ask people for forgiveness. I picked up a banana for afternoon snack instead of something bad for me. A small but significant victory. Have to remind myself of the victory. It keeps me going. Smack that hunger Laina! Beat it into the ground!!! Pow!!

  2. T Says:

    Great strategies! I use chewing gum and distraction. I also find that having a tiny snack (literally one bite) of something helps. I very rarely drink soda but having a fizzy drink helps me too (like a Diet Rite or Diet Hanson’s).

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