Still Not Skinny

Yesterday I had what I call “Hungry Day.” That’s one of those days when no matter what you eat you just feel hungry all day. I powered through and didn’t cheat on my program or anything – that’s one thing I’m good at – but boy was I feeling beaten down all day. Worn out, exhausted, tired, weak, cranky. Bad scene, man. I think it may have had to do with the run I took on Wednesday that was a bit too much for my current fitness level. You have to work up to these things, but I tend to just dive in full force!

Pretty much my favorite meme sentiment about dieting.

Pretty much my favorite meme sentiment about dieting.

So last night I decided to go with my husband as he embarks on starting to run. He’s downloaded one of the Couch-to-5k apps, and I decided to do it along with him (since when left to my own devices I dive in too deep!). It went pretty well, except due to my little corgi legs and his long, strong legs his jog was my run. I had to really push myself to keep up on the running segments, but I was so worn out and I really didn’t have it in me so I let him run ahead. It’s clear to me I’m going to have to work on not feeling like a failure because I’m not (and never will be) a fast runner.

After that I did my promised 20-minutes of strength training. I need to build some muscles, but I definitely started slow because I’m so keenly aware of just how sore I can make myself with lifting weights if I overdo it!

Today I rode my bike to work, and this afternoon I went for a 30-minute walk after slurping down my lunch shake. I’m highly motivated to keep up the good momentum I have going from the first two weeks on this program. It does involve a bit more planning than usual – we’re going to a big event this weekend and we had to figure out how much product to pack for the overnight at a hotel, how to handle the fact that this event is a banquet (awkward!) and what to do while everyone is eating but we can’t.

Basically we’re going to show up for the social hour before the meal and socialize, then while everyone else is eating my husband will give me a tour of the fancy old building the event is being held in, then we’ll come back once the dancing starts. We’ll have our dinner shakes before the event, and carry bars on us in case of emergency hunger. So, there’s a plan!


3 Responses to “Still Not Skinny”

  1. Caron Says:

    I like your little poster. I know I wanted to lose weight immediately even though I had taken years to get where I was. Sigh.

    You guys are great at working through what could be seen as a serious problem with eating in a social situation. I think your idea is great!

  2. snapshotstacy Says:

    I have a similar problem when I run with Robert. He’s a LOT faster than I am… But, he’s kind to me and doesn’t often run ahead of me. I hate feeling that I’m holding him back, even though he says he doesn’t mind… So, usually we end up going separately, since we’re not really speed-compatible.
    I really should get back to my C25K app. I still can’t run a whole mile without walking. (Well, I can’t at home – when I’m at sea level, I can tear it up. 😉 )

  3. T Says:

    I am having a hungry day today. Reading about the planning steps you took to stay on track when faced with a banquet is helping me stay on track. Thank you.

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