Might have pushed it a bit

I had a chance to go for a lunchtime run today, so I took it. It is the third time I’ve run since coming back to it, and since I was very successful with my 2 mile runs on Friday and Sunday, I thought I’d give a 3.1 mile route a go, seeing as how I need to be ready to run a 5K in less than a month (I signed up for a Dirty Girl race for Oct 26th!).

Oh how the lowly have fallen. I was SOOOO not ready for this distance. And probably a bit dehydrated when I started. Oh and it was pretty dang warm today too. In summary: Signs point to NO.

I had to stop and walk so many times I lost count. My running was more like shambling. My mouth was dry and crying out for a drink of water (of which none was available along my route, and I hate carrying things when I run) the whole time. It was just awful. What was I thinking?

Anyway, if nothing else…I’m glad I did it, as I knew the first time would be hard, but now that’s out of the way!

In other news: Weigh-in tonight, trying not to let the scale rule my life – I’m following the program and working hard to get lots of exercise in so hopefully that will take care of itself.


3 Responses to “Might have pushed it a bit”

  1. Anna Says:

    Hi, Just discovered your blog and I’ve read the whole thing! It is so wonderful to find a blog about someone who has maintained for such a long time. I do the same thing about getting enthusiastic and pushing myself a bit hard. I’m excited to hear about your results this week.

  2. Working back up to minimal fitness | Keeping Off 200 Pounds Says:

    […] I last attempted my 3.3 mile route (hey, you can’t always get the distance perfect, especially when […]

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