No Candy for Us Tonight

We learned last year that we aren’t going to get any trick-or-treaters anyway, in fact we still have a bag of the candy from last year in a cupboard somewhere.

Oh yeah – I buy the crappy candy to hand out, the stuff I don’t like – the stuff nobody likes, really. This strategy is so entirely successful at keeping me from eating the candy that I have year-old crappy candy squirreled away. Even at my most desperate…that stuff doesn’t get eaten. That’s sad candy, my friends!

I like to think of late October/early November as the Costume Season – no reason to restrict oneself to a single night! Last Saturday we went as Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer to a Halloween Party at the home of some friends. My workplace is not conducive to dressing up so I have to find my outlets elsewhere.DrHorrible&CptnHammer

I had been planning to join some friends tonight who set up a haunted house/maze in their yard for the kids as part of the haunted house scare crew, but my husband is having a gout attack and I didn’t have the emotional energy tonight to want to put myself in a dangerous food environment replete with candy and snacks and no support. So we stayed in and watched scary videos. Saturday night will be more my speed for celebrating spookiness – I’ll be going to a Vampire Ball put on by a local dance and reenactment society. I put my costume bits together tonight and I am very excited about how it has turned out! I’ll post pictures if I get some good ones on Saturday.


Week 6 Check In. A Rain Check for Some Honesty Later.

I’m really wrestling tonight with telling you what I really think about this Optifast program. However, since I don’t want to get kicked off the program were somebody to stumble across it, I’m going to save my commentary until we’re done. Long story short: HMR is a vastly better program if you need the skills to do this long-term. I’m glad I have a background in this already or I’d really be struggling.


It’s interesting to me how a particular number on the scale can look so good when you’re coming at it from above, and so horrifying when you’re coming at it from below. Same number, yet sometimes it’s cause for celebration and sometimes for consternation. This week was no milestone number or anything, this is just an observation I’ve been mulling.

Change this week: -4.5 lbs
Total change so far: -24.5 lbs. I am halfway to my goal (well, close enough – 24.5 down, 25.5 to go! Woot!)

Handsome husband was down 3, for a total of 31.5 so far for him. He needs a belt for his cargo shorts, stat.

Is a Calorie a Calorie?

It’s pretty rare that there’s anything worth reading in the semi-regular set of links that I receive from LinkedIn. However, this week was an exception. This excellent article by David Katz, M.D. really breaks down the calorie debate in an effective, clear, scientific fashion. For me the winning phrase regarding why people ignore the laws of physics to parrot other, murkier theories is simply this: where nutrition and weight loss is concerned, “desperation breeds gullibility.” I found this article worth a read:

The Race to Redefine Calories: Iconoclasts, Start Your Engines!

What do you think?

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My Nemesis: Captain Treadmill

I accidentally spent most of yesterday with a migraine. It was weird because everything hurt, so I didn’t realize that my head also hurt until around 6pm – I’d spent most of the day just worrying that I was coming down with something or thinking my stomach was just upset and my neck was sore and and and…  I have drugs that work great for migraine – if I realize that’s what’s happening! This is the first time I haven’t realized for so long due to so many other things hurting. So that was a wasted day.

Today I’m on another business trip. I’ve already gotten the loathed and despised treadmill portion of the show out of the way tonight. In the ranking of how I’d like to get exercise, it goes something like:

1. Anything I can do with my husband.
2. Running/walking/biking in the great outdoors.
3. Embarrassing myself dancing.
4. Embarrassing myself doing team sports.
5. Running from a hungry bear.
6. Being on a treadmill.

Although this treadmill in specific (we’ve had run-ins before – I stay at this hotel a lot) seems like particularly hard work as treadmills go, as it’s in a tiny, airless room, facing a wall, and the belt always seems sluggish and unwilling. But I did it.

I did it by promising myself that I wouldn’t even work that hard. Maybe I’d just walk for a half hour or 20 minutes today – just to have done something… And then when I get there I’m like “I can do better than this…I’ll just bump the speed up to 4.5 for a few minutes, then walk for a bit” and I end up walking and jogging and walking then jogging for longer periods and maybe going a little faster, and heck, I can make it to 3 miles and before you know it I’ve done 45 minutes sweating and breathing hard and my face is all red and my heart has been pounding and I can get off and go back to my room and do some pushups and squats and situps and call it a night.

So that’s how I get it done even though I really don’t like it or feel like doing it tonight (any night) when I have to do the treadmill. Staying on the food program is the easy part for me.

Finished the Dirty Girl

That was my first OCR (Obstacle Course Run – I learned that today) and I had fun! I tend to shy away from group sports because I hate feeling like the slowest one, but it was a great group of women and we had a fun time staying together as a team.

The one obstacle I was most worried about was a breeze. For some reason I was really worried about the rope net ladder thingie, but it wasn’t nearly as fearsome as I’d thought. Look at us go! dirtygirlnetropetop

My sweet husband managed to get underneath the obstacle to take pictures as we went up. This is my new favorite picture of me – conquering my fears!











And here we are on the first mud-obstacle – under a net so you have no choice but to get good and grubby!









And here’s the team after first mud. I had so much fun with them today! The t-shirts all say “Muddy Valkyries” in runic script and there’s a winged helmet or something (it’s hard to see with all the mud!).









I’d definitely do one of these again, but I’m not sure I’d do a timed mud run like a Tough Mudder, for example. I liked that this was all for fun and not about competition. I don’t have a competitive nature (especially where athletics are involved) so this format was perfect for me. I am looking forward to being in better shape though, and seeing these pictures makes me doubly glad I’ve been working on losing weight and getting fitter. All my hard work is finally starting to pay off and that makes me even more motivated to keep it up!

Stupid little voices

In good news, there appears to be one confirmed way I can run without my back hurting: On the treadmill. My run Thursday night at the hotel gym left me feeling great with no ache. In bad news, I loathe the treadmill. So that’s not optimal. Fine in a pinch but not something I can make myself do every day. However, it gives me hope that I can find a substrate to run on that won’t hurt me, like grass or dirt, maybe. More experimentation is needed.

Coming up in about an hour: I leave for my first Mud Run 5K. I have no idea what the obstacles may look like (and have a slight fear of heights/falling), so I find myself feeling a bit anxious as my old schooldays fear has crept up on me, that little voice in my head: What if I am the weakest link? I have never been one for team sports because I’d always been the least fit, least athletic person around back when team sports were foisted upon us in school. It was always humiliating and depressing to be the one who “let the team down.” My team for the run today is made up of go-getter Type-A women who all play hard and I’m just…someone who’s been dreadfully out of shape all summer and is just now starting to get back into running again and having some trouble with it. I hope I don’t let the team down. It’s supposed to be all for fun so I’ll rely on that and remember we’re all friends and nobody is judging me (but me).

I signed up for a challenge and to try something new and different, and boy will I be getting that! I’m going to overcome this small, stupid fear and do it. All right, time to get ready to get muddy.

Business Trip: Portland, OR

In Portland for work, and it’s perfect. The trees are all shades of orange and yellow for fall – so pretty! It’s so lovely I’m pondering how I could get my company to move me to the Portland office. (Answer: not very likely.) Even though food, including hitting the numerous food carts is off the table for me tonight, I’m strangely pleased about my plans for the evening. Here they are, in all their glamorous wonder, and in no particular order:

1. Hit the gym. Done. 45 minutes of walk/jog on the treadmill = 5K, and about 15 minutes of lifting heavy things.
2. Shower. Up next. Actually might skip and go straight to the bath.
3. Paint my nails (I brought the polish with me, figured I’d have some down time).
4. Bath in my bathtub (this hotel is FABULOUS. I have a big fancy bathtub and a separate shower!)
5. Read my book.

Hopefully then sleep, as I didn’t sleep at all last night due to insomnia and having to get up early for a flight (“Oh you have to be up early? Let me just wake you up every time you doze so you don’t miss your flight!” says my brain).

Back home tomorrow night, late. Then Saturday my first Mud Run/Dirty Girl 5K!