Running Again, and my First Business Trip on Optifast

Friday I went for my first run in, oh, probably 6 months. Something like that. It wasn’t too bad, either, I did two miles and I only had to stop maybe 3 times, and then only walked for less than a minute each time.

My legs were pretty sore on Saturday, then Sunday morning I did it again, despite continued soreness. I’m happy to be running again, now that I’m down almost 10 pounds my scars are hurting a lot less and that makes it easier to run. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my scars before? I have some surgical scars which get pulled on when I run and especially when I’m at a higher weight, and I thought I’d need to lose 20 pounds before I could run again without hurting them or causing them to tear, but with the supportive compression pants I’m wearing and taking it easy, it seems to be alright so far.

And I’ve also completed my first business trip since I started Optifast. It went very well, the only thing that was any concern at all was that my co-workers all wanted to go out to lunch together today and I was NOT interested in explaining to certain of them about the program because I don’t feel close enough to them to want to endure their on-going questions/comments. Fortunately I was able to duck out of it was a simple, “I’m gonna stay here and catch up on some stuff, please come back and pick me up before you head to the airport!” and that was effective. I even got in two laps of the parking lot walking circuit (1/4 mile each lap) while they were at lunch.

And now I’m home and noticing that my left hip joint is really hurting and I’m wondering if I wrenched it on the trip or if it’s acting up because of the running, which is fine, I will give it some time to heal as I’m committed to taking this slowly.


One Response to “Running Again, and my First Business Trip on Optifast”

  1. snapshotstacy Says:

    Oof! Glad to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t run in 6 months or so! 🙂
    Glad your runs are going well – and VERY glad your travel-on-diet went well.

    Stretches… lots of stretches. Remember your Pain Free exercises!

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