First week results

Well, sort of second week, but first week on meal replacements.

Tuesday night my husband and I walked over to the dance studio mere blocks from our house and took a class in West Coast Swing. It was our first class, they let you just walk in for the beginner class. We both had fun and plan to go back again next week, and the week after, and hopefully on like that. I had a slight advantage in that I’ve had years of other types of dancing so I picked it up easily. My husband is a trooper and he’s being a very good sport about trying and picking up something that is totally new to him. Plus it was an hour of exercise while having fun.

I’m totally off of coffee now, and almost completely off of caffeine entirely. Because if I can’t have cream in my coffee, I don’t want it at all! I won’t say, as I’ve heard others who go off caffeine say, that “I have so much more energy!” because that’s not my experience. I will say that now that the first few days are over with, I feel pretty much the same as I did before when I was drinking coffee in the mornings and afternoons. I guess I didn’t really need it. Now I occasionally drink some green tea at my desk at work, but that’s about it for known caffeine ingestion. Not saying I’ll never have another diet soda, but right now it’s not in my game plan.

I also signed up for a Dirty Girl 5K on October 26th, which is a 5K run with muddy obstacles, so I need to strap my running shoes back on and get out there again on some runs.

And finally: Last night’s weigh in. I’m down 7 pounds for my first week on meal replacements. One pound a day – you can’t beat that!* I’m pleased, that’s a total of 9.5 for me for the two weeks now.

*Actually you can. My husband was down 12 pounds for the week. Stupid men and their stupid fast metabolisms and higher muscle content! Kidding – I’m actually really impressed and pleased. His face already looks thinner.


3 Responses to “First week results”

  1. Kaaren Says:

    You go, girl!
    I LOVE swing dancing! And waltzing. And salsa. All of those you-lead-I’ll-follow dances. 🙂

  2. Karen Williams Says:

    Tell your sweetie that dancing improves his fighting. (And it does, plus fighting improves dancing. Aikido works both ways on this, too. Aikido: it’s a lot like dancing.

  3. Caron Says:

    Here I am, the third Caron in a row. Funny.

    I would be very happy to have lost 7 pounds the first week. That’s a great start!

    I always wished I could have taken dancing lessons when I was a kid. I’ve tried Zumba but am bad at it. I do pretty good in Jazzercise though. Ever onward. 🙂

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