Day 5: Things are Looking Up

When I woke up this morning the gnawing, aching hunger I’ve been feeling since I started the Meal Replacements on Thursday had abated. Not completely gone but faded to a dull, ignorable background buzz. I think this happened the last time I started a full MR program but I’m not sure, it’s been more than 10 years. I’m a realist so I’m not ready to declare victory over the hunger yet, but if this continues I will have no trouble completing the program without cheating. Those first few days are definitely the hardest, I’m feeling much more optimistic today.

I put a pair of walking shoes in my laptop bag as I headed out the door for work this morning. I couldn’t figure out when I would have time for a walk after work before it got dark (I had a HOA meeting to attend tonight), so I improvised with a walk at lunchtime. It was a bit warmer than I would have liked it to be but I persevered. Gold star to me for problem-solving! Forgot my iPod though, so that’s something for tomorrow.

My husband and I are going to investigate the dance studio mere blocks from our house. We’ve walked by it many times and said, “We should take dance lessons!” Now that we’re working on losing weight it seems like a good time to find a fun, new form of exercise we can do together. I think they teach couples dancing on Tuesdays, so we’ll go check it out tomorrow evening and see about the costs and schedule.

I thought I had something else to report but I can’t think of it now.


4 Responses to “Day 5: Things are Looking Up”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Think how glamorous the two of you will be when we all see you dance like stars! 🙂

  2. Melanie Says:

    My husband and I started going to dance lessons as a way to exercise together. We started with ballroom dance lessons – learned to Waltz, Tango, and Salsa (there is a community center near our house that offers them really inexpensively) and then we started to learn swing – SO much fun!! We love it, you guys should definitely give it a try. And keep up the great work!

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