Almost done with this conference. Hallelujah!

Today wasn’t quite as great as yesterday. But, in the “win” category:

  • Room service breakfast of oatmeal and coffee
  • Mid-morning snack of an orange and some berries plus a little yogurt.
  • Lunch I mostly filled my plate with salad.
  • SkippedĀ  dessert for both lunch and dinner.
  • Afternoon snack: didn’t get one.

Was inordinately hungry so my boss and I went to dinner earlier than usual, leaving me without a workout so far today. That’s ok, I’m thinking that by 9pm (a half hour away) my dinner will be settled enough for me to head over to the gym to lift some weights tonight.

I’ve eaten in more restaurants in the last week than in the previous 6 months. I’m completely tired of restaurant food, my body feels logy and bloated from all the oil and sodium, and I want my usual food routine and control back! Tomorrow I head home, so there’s that, at least.