Small Measures of Success

This week I’m at a conference in San Diego, staying at a hotel all week.

Today I:

  • Chose wisely from the breakfast buffet. Including grabbing an orange to eat during the morning coffee break.
  • Didn’t eat the dessert that was served with lunch.
  • Ate an apple at the mid-afternoon coffee break instead of the chips and brownies on offer.
  • Avoided the Free Wine Trap laid out by the conference organizers at 5pm, and instead went straight up to my room to change for a workout.
  • Worked out so hard my abs are still quivering.

So that was my first full day at the conference. I probably could have done better with dinner, which was Ethiopian with my boss, but I did pass on dessert. So overall I feel like I made a preponderance of good choices today.

Funny story: At dinner there was a young couple at the table next to us. My boss says to me, making conversation, “If you won the lottery would you quit your job?” and I said, quite definitively and without a second thought, “ABSOLUTELY!” One of the young men at the other table grinned at me and I smiled, pointed to my dining companion and said, “That’s my boss.” He laughed and said, “Wow, that was an honest answer considering…!” I turned to my boss and said, “Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?” and he said, “ABSOLUTELY.” So we have an agreement.


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