7.5 Mile Run Report

I finally go to do the 7.5 mile run I’d planned…almost a month ago. In the meantime I caught a nasty cold and recovered from it, with all it’s attendant hacking, coughing, sniffling, and moaning. The afternoon I felt the cold coming on I did something I always do if I possibly can – I went out for a run. It’s true. Sometimes – sometimes – that will burn out the virus. Or something. I don’t know what the physical mechanism is, but sometimes if I do some hard, sweaty exercise right when I feel a cold coming on it will nip it in the bud, or at least reduce the severity.

Of course, it could also be my excellent immune system doing that. But don’t bother me with details! Anyway, it may have worked this time. Not that I didn’t catch the cold, but it was way less severe than the version my darling husband had. He had a fever of 102 for a couple of days, I never got a fever. He felt bad for more than a week, I had two days of feeling bad enough to stay home from work (that is pretty bad, considering I can work from home if I want, but I was feeling too bad to even do that). And then it was all just clearing out the mucus. I know…charming.

Anyway, the first time I went running after the cold (exactly a week after the run I took when trying to fight it off) was awful. Serious Articles will tell you that if you only took a week off you shouldn’t have lost any ground. That was not my experience (that’s an understatement). After my week off that included a cold I couldn’t even finish my shortest route (3 miles) without stopping to walk several times, and I felt extremely nauseous during and after my run. I even started thinking that maybe running so soon after a cold wasn’t a good idea.

I definitely lost ground. It took me about a week to get back up to running my 5.5 mile route. Oh, and Monday I resumed doing some strength training again, which is something I haven’t done in several months…maybe since last fall. I’ve been somewhat remiss, but when a routine gets to the point that even considering doing it feels like a massive, annoying burden it’s probably time to give it a rest. So Monday evening I ran through my strength training routine and my legs were SO WEAK. Tuesday they were sore, yesterday they were screaming. So naturally I decided to go for a run. You know what they say – aerobic exercise will help clear out the lactic acid in the muscles if they’re sore and you’ll feel better.

So I finally got my 7.5 mile run! It didn’t start out that way. I started the run thinking I’d do a 6.2 mile route and call it good. But the weather was so nice, and my legs weren’t hurting much once I got jogging that I just…kept going. I’m glad I went but I had a couple of observations:

  • 7.5 miles is too long to run without carrying water, and I hate carrying water.
  • It’s probably also too long to run with sore legs.
  • It’s not a distance I can see myself working into the regular rotation (but I could be wrong).

One thing I’ve noticed about myself is the first time I do a new route I invariably think it sucks. It seems really long and slow and boring… But if I do it again, then it’s fun. It’s seems as if familiarity with the route and knowing what to expect around the next corner increases my enjoyment.

I’ll save this route for when my support crew (husband) can ride alongside on the bike with bottles of water.

Also, my legs were thrashed last night after the run. Holy cow, I was hobbling around my 3-story house wishing I had an elevator all night. I finally gave up and went to bed around 9:30PM because laying down just seemed like a nice place to be. Today…much better!



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