My silly little plans

All week long I’ve been meaning to run a new route after work – a 7.4 miler! I’ve been excited about it, looking forward to it, even! It’ll be the longest after-work run I’ve ever attempted! But… Monday night I was caught at my desk until after 5pm. This prevented the run because I don’t exactly know how long it will take me to run it, but I know that I usually have about a 13.5 minutes/mile pace. (hey – I never said I run fast). This means I know I need to budget more than an hour and a half to make this run. Since I wasn’t changed into my running clothes until 5:40 on Monday evening, I couldn’t do it. Because the gym at work closes at 7pm. If you are out running around at 7pm and don’t make it back in time, your stuff stays locked inside. Tough luck.

So Monday I did my 6.2 mile route.

Tuesday and Wednesday it was raining, no joy.

Tonight I just knew was going to be my night. I had the time blocked out in my work calendar so nobody could schedule a last minute meeting to derail me. I had all my gear, I even had a running partner – my wonderful husband who often rides his bike while I run, pedaling along beside me as a sort of guard dog/water bearer/crossing guard and all around great conversationalist. Except tonight we somehow completely got our wires crossed about where and when to meet, and by the time we finally met up it was too late to start on my highly-anticipated 7.4 mile run, lest I risk getting my purse with car keys, phone, wallet, etc. locked up in the gym.

So instead of a 7.4 mile run I only got  a puny, lame 4.7 mile run tonight. It may have been the worst run of my entire life. I was so disappointed about the run I didn’t get to do that it completely demolished any joy I might have felt in the one I was doing. I’m sure there’s a life lesson to be learned somewhere in there.

Nevertheless, I’m going to try again tomorrow. Dammit.


5 Responses to “My silly little plans”

  1. Karen Williams Says:

    You could bring your purse to where you meet your husband, and let him carry the purse on his bike while you run.

    • Laina Says:

      While amusing, and tempting, it’s not just my purse – I only mentioned that because it’s the part I’d need to go anywhere else. Also my gym bag and clothes and my lunch bag get left in the locker room. All that is a bit much to ask him to carry on the bike!

  2. rsouleret Says:

    I think your last sentence summed up the life lesson you said was probably in there somewhere. 🙂

  3. overextended Says:

    Don’t knock the 4.7 mile run. Just remember the time in your life where a puny 4.7 might as well have been 100 miles. At the end of the day, you ran more than you did at the beginning of the day. That is living the choice every day.

  4. Lynn Says:

    “I was so disappointed about the run I didn’t get to do that it completely demolished any joy I might have felt in the one I was doing. I’m sure there’s a life lesson to be learned somewhere in there.”

    The first sentences sounds like the life lesson. I know how this goes. I ran a half marathon and it was HORRIBLE. The pain I went through and the amount of walking I had to do made me feel like I was a failure. It was spending time with friends after the run that I realized just how amazing it was that I even attempted a half marathon much less finished it….no matter how slow and painful it was. Take joy in the fact that you can run and that you have great goals. You will get to that run. When you do, it will be awesome but until then, remember you have come a LONG way.

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