Physical Changes

Today I was mighty. This story starts last Friday when I tried a new route from my house, a 7 miler. Because the map I use doesn’t show elevation changes I didn’t know there was a big muckin’ hill at mile 3. Last week I had to stop and walk about halfway up the hill because it is a very big, very steep hill. Today I knew it was coming and was more mentally prepared and able to try a new strategy of intentionally taking bigger, deeper breaths as I was chugging along up the slope and just focusing on one step at a time. Victory – ran the whole way!

It’s been a month now since I’ve been regularly completing longer runs, and I’ve noticed some physical changes that can’t be explained by any other factor, so I’m willing to attribute them to longer distance running:

  1. My feet sport a crop of new calluses and soon-to-be-calluses (aka blisters).
  2. My lips are always chapped.
  3. My forearms are starting to pick up a slight tan – it’s only March!
  4. My thighs are getting bigger – specifically what I think are the abductor muscles in the inner thighs. Not exactly a looked-for result, I assure you, but it is what it is.

I have no idea if I’ve gained or lost any weight – I’ve stopped weighing myself. Which was kind of the point of the focusing on physical achievements. I wanted to get off the mental roller coaster of the scale and put the focus on an area where I could feel successful and in control.


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