Exercising hard, less often

I’ve been focusing on exercise lately. I did my 25-mile week, and that was very empowering! Lately I’ve been working on getting back into bike-riding shape, as well as trying a few longer runs.

Earlier this week on Wednesday I did a 6 mile run after work. Then on Friday I did a 6.8 mile run that, unexpectedly, had a hill about 2 miles in! (I didn’t know about the hill because the route-mapping site I use doesn’t show elevation changes!) Right now I’m enjoying doing longer runs less often, so instead of running every day, or  two to three days in a row, I run a 10K or so every other day and take the day off in between to recover.

Today I did a longer bike ride than I’ve attempted so far this year since bike-riding season started (ie: since it got warm enough that I would consider going out to ride). We rode for about 14 miles, and I just know my undercarriage is going to be sore tomorrow! Every spring I have to go through a process of getting myself accustomed to the saddle slowly over the course of several weeks.

I haven’t been tracking every bite that I eat lately, I’m trying to take a more philosophical view, with the general idea being that if I work hard on exercise every other day or so, and follow the general guidelines I know about eating mostly fruits and vegetables, then I can stop berating myself for every bite, stop measuring, counting, angsting, and just live.

We’ll see. I know I go through cycles where one week this approach will work for me, and the next I’ll throw my hands up and put myself on a strict program. For now this seems to be a good place to be.


One Response to “Exercising hard, less often”

  1. snapshotstacy Says:

    We did our first ride of the season yesterday. It was AWESOME! We did about 10 miles, and I’m pleased to say I didn’t lose much of my saddle-readiness. I feel great today!
    I’ve taking my running down to once a week, and I’ve been doing intervals for about 5K each week. (Run .75k, walk .25k) I figure I’ll keep that up a while – at least until I need to start training in earnest for the 1/2 marathon I’ve got planned for November! LOL

    So my current fitness regimen is: run once a week, ride 1-2 times a week, & 2 days of body-weight or resistance or kettle bell exercises.

    The hard part I’m running into is that I’m trying to transition from a pretty strict low-carb eating style into more of a Primal method. Wrapping my head around eating more carbs is a bit painful… and while I *know* that I’ll probably go up in weight a little (especially if muscles increase), it doesn’t make it any easier for my brain to deal with. 🙂

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