Fitness Goal Results

Last week I set myself a fitness goal to run 25 miles this week, a goal which I wasn’t sure if I could meet or not as it would involve significant effort on my part. How’d I do?

Saturday: 5.4 miles
Sunday: 5.4 miles
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 5.4 miles
Wednesday: 6.1 miles
Thursday: 0
Friday: 5.4 miles

Total: 27.7 miles. Success!

Next up: I’m not sure yet what my next goal will be for the coming week. I’m considering a couple of things, one is to get my bike out and go for some bike rides, as it is getting warm enough now that I won’t freeze my ears off in the cold breeze. Since I haven’t ridden since last Fall, I’m not sure what would be a reasonable goal, considering I’ll likely have some significant saddle soreness after my first ride.

All in all, though, I think setting a 25-mile goal this week was effective in getting my focus onto something I have some control over and away from numbers on the scale which don’t seem to be as much under my control as they once were.

In other news, I looked up some of my weight-management records from when I was at a weight I liked better, and found that I was consuming the same amount of calories, and exercising at the same level as I currently am, despite a notable difference in the number on the scale (about 25 pounds). I had some blood drawn yesterday to see if there may be a thyroid issue I need to consider, as I have several other symptoms of hypothyroidism that have increased significantly lately. I’m not hanging my hat on the hope, but it’s something to check, if only to rule it out. It’s probably just the effects of aging, but if there’s something else going on it would be nice to know.


One Response to “Fitness Goal Results”

  1. Caron Says:

    Congrats on a very successful exercise week. I am getting back to exercise after a full week off.

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