Another interesting article

Doctors Attack Pervasive Obesity Myths

Allow me to quote:

Myth 3: Gradually losing weight is better than quickly losing pounds because quick weight losses are more likely to be regained. This myth, likely dating back to the 1960s, has no biological basis, the researchers said. In fact, studies reveal that people who lose more weight rapidly are more likely keep off the pounds even several years later.”

Truth. That’s science.

I point this out because I am SO TIRED of hearing people with no science background whatsoever tell me that you have to lose weight slowly if you want to keep it off. This is not true in my experience, and apparently also not true based on scientific research.

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5 Responses to “Another interesting article”

  1. snapshotstacy Says:

    When I tried to lose it slow… I yo-yo’d something fierce.
    My theory eventually ended up being “get it the hell off & then work on keeping it off.”

  2. Anne Adams Says:

    Amen! I, too, can vouch that it isn’t true.

  3. Norma Says:

    Another disciple. Lost 70 lbs in seven months (clean diet, daily exercise, no excuses, no cheat days, no BS); will have maintained the loss for five years as of May by doing the exact same thing.

  4. Karen P Says:

    I lost 72 pounds in 10 months- most of the time 2.2 pound ave per week. It was a commercial weight loss program. It gave me the “quiet time” of no trigger foods so that I could get myself set up for transition and maintenance so that the change would be permanent this time around without the yo-yo. So far so good. 12.5 months in maintenance. I

    t’s a lot of work, but the speed of loss helped me this time around. Slow loss kept me unmotivated, stuck, and hooked on skinnycow ice cream and other “low point snacks”. Glad to have left that cycle behind. Good topic.

  5. C Says:

    Lost 75 pounds in 5 months, have kept it off for nearly 7 years. With such a large goal to tackle, I needed to lose it at a fast rate in order to see the results I needed to not get discouraged and carry on.

    (Just an observer, enjoy your blog and relate to a lot, thanks for your thoughts.)

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