That week went fast!

When last I posted I was confounded by my weight being up 2 pounds for NO DISCERNIBLE REASON. My brave husband took life and limb in hand that night and asked if perhaps my monthly cycle was due. Whaddaya know…the very next day. It’s constantly aggravating to me that the female body has this regular mechanism whereby water (up to several pounds at a time!) is retained at just the time when the hormone imbalances would cause such a change to be COMPLETELY DISPIRITING to the morale! So, even knowing why I was up two pounds didn’t keep me from being a bit thrown, demoralized, and depressed about it.

And due to what I’m about to tell you about, I missed a couple of workouts so last week pretty much was about limiting damage versus making any actual progress.

Which brings me to my new temporary assignment: Juror #12 on a murder trial. Changes to my routine always throw off my diet and exercise program for a day or two while I figure out what adjustments I can make, working within the new constraints, to support my diet and exercise efforts.

So today was final jury selection and I was the last regular (by which I mean, Not Alternate) juror seated. Neither the prosecutor nor the defending attorney asked me any questions whatsoever – we had filled out a questionnaire when we appeared last week for our jury summons, and it was clear from the questions they lawyers were asking all of the jury candidates that they had gone through them with a fine-toothed comb, but apparently I fit some sort of “ideal juror” profile so neither of them had questions for me. I thought maybe it was because they were out of challenges by then, but then they did the Alternate Juror selection and they both used challenges on those, but maybe they come from a different pool? I don’t know. I have so many questions about what I saw today! Like – are the jurors called up at random or in some particular order based on the questionnaire answers? Why exactly was the completely non-controversial housewife challenged then excused? Why was the lady with prior convictions on her record not challenged/excused?

Anyway, I was surprised to be placed on the jury. My only goal now is to NOT be elected Jury Foreman. I don’t think I’d enjoy that. But maybe I’d enjoy it more than if somebody annoying got it. Hmm. Maybe I SHOULD try to get elected Jury Foreman? Bah. Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.

In good news, there’s a microwave and small refrigerator in the Jury Room, so I can bring my lunch just like a regular work day and manage my diet that way. Exercise may be a little tougher, as I’m away from work and the gym there and court hours don’t really leave me any daylight time to run (there’s no “working from home” when you’re on a jury). I may have to see about going to the work gym after I get home from jury time or walking during the lunch break or something. The judge expects the trial to wrap up the week of February 11th, so it’s really only a full week  and a few days each side I have to worry about. I guess I’ll be working in damage control mode again for the next week or so.


One Response to “That week went fast!”

  1. Anne Adams Says:

    To answer your question why?”, It’s my understanding that a person really isn’t “selected” on a jury, they just aren’t disqualified. At the end, who ever is left after all of the disqualifying are the “selected ones.” I’ve always thought jury duty was fascinating. I’ve been on three.

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