Getting going after a break in routine

I’ve starting running again after about, oh, 4 months off. What with vacation to Iceland and Greenland, my work and medical leave odyssey, etc it just slipped off the priority list. I’m taking it slowly. I’ve got a 2 mile route I’m doing, takes me about a half hour. My strategy is to NOT burn myself out on running, so I’m NOT going to up my distance drastically and make running seem like this huge chore that takes enormous amounts of time and that if I don’t have an hour and a half to two hours to devote to it isn’t worth doing (which is where I was when I stopped doing it in late June). I’m making it a “quick 30 minutes – I can just pop out and be back before dinner is ready” kind of activity and hoping that makes it less onerous and so far it’s working. Then I do some pushups and situps.

Because the best kind of exercise is the exercise you ACTUALLY DO. I had to remember that, apparently. I’ve done it 6 out of the last 9 days now, the soreness has passed and the distance is getting easy again.


4 Responses to “Getting going after a break in routine”

  1. stephenedwards425 Says:

    From one runner to another…best wishes, and may the wind always be at your back!

    Be encouraged!

  2. Karen P Says:

    I think that is very smart. I’ve always thought that moderate , but regular exercise is best, especially while loosing. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  3. SnapshotStacy Says:

    That’s where I’ve ended up. We started to do the P90X stuff… but that whole hour-1.5 hour commitment was just TOO MUCH.
    I’ve been running 30-40 minutes several times a week. And loving it!

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