A Completely New Way For Me – Down 6 Pounds

Well hello there. I figured I’d give you a life and weight management update. I’ve been home from work for the last few weeks on a medical leave due to complications stemming from anxiety and migraines brought on by the stress of my job. I’ll be returning to work next Monday. While I’ve been home, I’ve been severely neglecting my exercise regimen: I’ve gone on a couple of bicycle rides and a couple of walks but that’s about it. Five days out of seven I’ve eaten whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale Saturday morning, after not having done so for more than a month, to find that I’m down 6 pounds. So I’d say that the 5/2 program I’m following, which I posted about in my last article round-up, really agrees with me.

Here’s a picture my husband took yesterday before we headed out to a nautically-themed garden party. This is the first time in my entire life that I’ve lost weight without monitoring every molecule of food entering my body and exercising to exhaustion. I’m going to stick with this a while longer and see where it leads. I find the “fast” days continue to be refreshing and easy for me to sustain. As I explained to my darling husband (who is also sticking to the 5:2 protocol with me): if there one thing I know how to do in this life, it’s stick strictly to a diet program! And when I know it’s only for a day? It really is the easiest thing in the world.


7 Responses to “A Completely New Way For Me – Down 6 Pounds”

  1. stephenedwards425 Says:

    Oh Yeah!…you go girl!!!…nice job…best wishes going back to work…and hope the garden party was fun…be encouraged!

  2. Caron Says:

    Ugh, job stress is the worst!

    Love, love, love the outfit and the hat. You look great. I’m so glad this change is working for you.

  3. Tracy Renae Cote Serros Says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss! You look fabulous!!

    Hope you can find a better balance in your return to work… :\

  4. SnapshotStacy Says:

    That 5:2 is really an interesting concept! I’ve been thinking about trying it out as well.
    That’s awesome that it’s working for you so far.

  5. Laurie Says:

    I’m interested in the 5:2 idea too. Do you stick to 500 calories? Do you divide your meals? In some small way, maybe this validates my previous slow but sure success with the strategy of “Go to bed hungry a few times a week.”

    Please keep us updated!

    • Laina Says:

      I divide my calories between breakfast and dinner, and I find that green tea at strategic points throughout the day keeps me from being hungry throughout the day. And lots of water. 🙂

  6. I’ll try just about anything…once « Keeping Off 200 Pounds Says:

    […] I mentioned a while back, I’d been trying to 5/2 program for a couple of months. I really liked many aspects of it: I liked the mindfulness of the fasting […]

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