Greetings from Iceland!

Tonight I’m in a little village in the East Iceland fjords. I’ve seen a lot of amazing stuff so far, some of them the fulfillment of lifelong dreams, so I’d say I’m having a perfect vacation.

Couple of things I’ve had to adjust on managing my weight:

1. My normal travel strategy is to hit a fruit and vegetable market for snacks as I’m traveling. Well, in a country where most of the fruits and vegetables are shipped in, or grown in greenhouses, the fruit and veggies for sale are either sad and old or prohibitively expensive. (actually, I’ve only seen the former kind, haven’t even seen any locally-grown produce yet, greenhouse or otherwise). Time to be flexible! For breakfast I usually have some muesli with skyr, which is an Icelandic milk product similar to yogurt but non-fat and very low in calories – utterly delicious! For lunch I try to eat at a cafe that has a soup option, a bowl of soup and a roll is usually all I need to keep going. And for dinner – when on an island, eat the fish! The seafood here is amazing! I’ve had lobster, cod, blue ling (I dunno anymore about it than that, it was the special so I ordered it), Atlantic char, and um, a few others. Can’t go wrong getting the fish in Iceland.

2. There’s no artificial sweetener to be found anywhere. It’s sugar or nothing. So I’m drinking my coffee a lot less sweet these days.

3. I keep moving a lot more on vacation than at home, so I hardly even notice the time pass, which means I’m looking around to graze a lot less often. This has spurred me to try to pay more attention when I’m back at home and at work to see if I’m eating out of boredom or true hunger.

Lots of walking every day, hiking up and down seeing glaciers, geysers, volcanoes and puffins! Oh, and here’s a picture I took yesterday in a grocery store – I call it “accurately labelled junk food.” —->

And speaking of sweetened beverages, several people I know have posted this article about high-fructose corn syrup, and how it prompts more weight gain than regular sugar as a sweetener. This is certainly something to bear in mind, when making food choices – corn syrup is in everything. Everything processed, that is. If you make your food yourself, you don’t have to worry about it, because who would purposely add that junk to their food? Eat food – not “food products”.

Oh, and that article was originally written in 2010, so it’s not exactly news, but it’s a good thing to know.

All right, back to vacation with me. This time I’m trying to take a vacation from my constant anxiety that I’m gaining weight when on vacation. Oy, it’s a constant battle in my head some days.


7 Responses to “Greetings from Iceland!”

  1. Kaaren Says:

    Blue Ling is Blue Ling Cod. It swims through the Calm Channel between BC mainland and Vancouver Island, where my dad’s lodge in Canada was. (well, the lodge is still there – but he’s not). Anyway. Cod. The flesh is actually aqua – like a swimming pool – when it’s raw. But, as you know, it cooks up white. DEEEEELICIOUS!

  2. Yoko Olsgaard Says:

    Blue Ling is Ling Cod – I caught one near Eureka and also caught one near the Farallones – but ours is green. Delicious firm fish. Very very tasty and highly recommended.

  3. travelerontherun Says:

    Oh, I am hope you are having a great time! I love Iceland! So beautiful! If you have time, go for a dip in the Blue Lagoon.

  4. Donna Says:

    On the thoughts of “skyr is yummy” and “it is better to make your own food” please find my friend Pat’s recipe for making skyr

    As for corn syrup, at the farmers market on Saturday, a guy had baby ears of corn, in the husk. They were about the size of Cathyn’s index finger (your hubby has large hands). Anyway, the farmer said to just chow down on them husk and cob and all. They were quite tasty and sweet. I could see squishing them and filtering it to get a nice, not particularly processed corn syrup, but why bother when they make such lovely crudities.

    I’m glad you two are having a wonderful time.

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