Link Round Up: Diet Pills, Olympians, Ice Cream and More!

Yeah, yeah, I heard about the new weight loss pill on the market. Go read about it if you’re into that sort of thing, but bottom line is that this thing, for all it’s side effects, helped people lose 5% of their starting weight in trials. Who is that supposed to impress?? Also not covered in any of the media hoopla: Will the weight stay off once you go off the drug? Oh…’s not covered because the answer surely can only be: NO. Pshaw, I say!

In better news, athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Sadly, not all of them get lucrative sponsorship deals.

Health (but not necessarily weight) related news: Let’s add a little dirt to our diets!

It’s summer! Time for ice cream! If you gotta do it, here’s a list of some frozen treats that aren’t so bad.

And finally: Everybody’s got a song inside them!  So get yourself a record deal. Go on.


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