25 Mile Week

Buoyed by an unexpectedly good run yesterday, I’ve completely blown away my goal of running 20 miles this week.

  • Tues: nothing
  • Wed: 4.5
  • Thurs: 3.5
  • Fri: 4.5
  • Sat: nothing
  • Sun: 8.2
  • Mon: 4.5

Total: 25.2

Pretty good for a week I began on a business trip. Yesterday I netted fewer than 100 calories! I don’t expect to repeat these numbers again soon – and I don’t want to get accustomed to running this much on a regular basis, as it’s definitely an outlier for me and not a level of activity I can maintain. Yesterday’s run was the longest run I have ever completed, in my entire life. Which feels great! But not sustainable.

Goal for the coming week: 18 miles. Much more sustainable.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, I’ll see if any of this has translated into a loss. I’ve been minding my intake much more closely this week so with any luck I’ll see things headed the right direction. I definitely feel better, physically and mentally, when I’m following my program, which is a huge plus for me.

It’s strange – when I’m following my program I feel good and righteous and in control. When I’m not I feel off balance, out of control, and anxious. And yet that doesn’t stop me from running roughshod over the mental signals that tell me what I should be doing. You would think that the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks…someday I hope to be the kind of person for whom they do. Till then, I’ll just keep being the kind of person who embraces the corrective phases when they are necessary.


3 Responses to “25 Mile Week”

  1. thomasrowling Says:

    Wow! That’s dedication. Not just the 25 miles. The whole thing. Taking control of life as best we can. Inspiring, even to a grump like me.

  2. Karen P Says:

    Yes! Something about staying within structure and a plan works well for me , too. Congrats on your mileage. 🙂

  3. Sheila Says:

    I miss running! I’m too old and have health problems along with my weight issues. I felt so great when I ran… almost invincible and FULL of energy. The good old days. Good for you!

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