I told you this was going to be a weight loss blog for a while.

Great start. This morning I was up at 6am running 4.5 miles, but boy did my body complain. Usually I run every other day and give my body a day to rest in between, but I’ve been running 3 days in a row now. I think, depending on how I feel tomorrow morning I will rest tomorrow and do my planned 6.2 mile run on Sunday, just to give my body a break.


  • Total calories in: 1525
  • Calories burned: 540
  • Net calories: 985
  • Fruits/veggies: 7
  • Shakes: 3
  • Entrees: 2
  • No deviations from program. Yay me! Also, no real problems with hunger.

The weekend: Dinner with some friends and a movie tonight. Dinner will be at a sushi place, so I will eat before I go and enjoy edamame, seaweed salad, and tea at the restaurant. Tomorrow night is a little more challenging, as we are going to a formal Ball with a sit-down dinner. I’ll probably eat before we go and just have whatever veggies come on my plate during dinner. Covering my plate with my napkin when I’m done eating usually does the trick to keep me from nibbling until it’s picked up. Getting up to dance or socialize as soon as I’m done will also be a good strategy. Sparkling water or diet soda are my friends, because alcohol is not a good partner for dieting – it’s packed full of useless calories, and it lowers my inhibitions which induces me to stray and care less about what I eat.

So that’s my plan for today and tomorrow. What’s yours?


2 Responses to “I told you this was going to be a weight loss blog for a while.”

  1. Caron Says:

    I like the “Covering my plate with my napkin when I’m done eating” strategy. I’m preparing for the road trip back to Arizona. We are packing a cooler again with lots of water bottles and a few cans of flavored water (no sweeteners or sugar) and I will have my apples and oranges handy. The motels usually provide coffee and yogurt. Subway is a pretty good lunch and dinner will be whatever is close to the motel. We will be glad when the drive is over. 🙂

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